A Simple Housewarming

My awesome neighbor moved in two days after we moved into our home.  I have been very lucky and blessed to have always had WONDERFUL next door neighbors, but my latest (newest) neighbors take the cake!  I attended the ceremony for their home blessing and it was one of best one’s I’ve ever attended!

The entire ceremony lasted about six hours.  First, the three Buddhist offered prayers, chanting, and they ate a special vegetarian meal while the guests mingled in a different room.  After they were done with their lunch they walked around the entire home and hung traditional banners at each entry/exit of the house.  The guests ate lunch and afterward they blessed each and every single person in attendance.  As the senior monk blessed us he tied a string around our wrist as he prayed.  That was back in May and I still have it on.  I’m not taking it off and allowing it to come off on its own.  It was so beautiful.

To thank my sweet neighbor for the house blessing invitation I made her today’s card.  It’s from an older Stampin’ Up! stamp set which is no longer for sale, but you can use a stamp set shown below to make similar looking cards.  I really like the Pop On By stamp set.  Although the one on the left can be used for Christmas cards also.

Hearts Come Home

Pop On By

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