Handmade Cards Because…

A fellow card-making friend emailed me last week to request a laser engraved frame that she could display at a craft fair.  She sent me a snap shot of a hand-written sign with the words in the frame above.  I have heard way too many people (in general) comment that it is a waste of time to make and give handmade cards and this phrase speaks of why we make them.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

After finishing the frame above someone asked if I could make a smaller one and that’s when I came up with this one.  This frame is laser cut and I can attach a kickstand style arm to show it off on a table or a hanging triangular single to hang on a wall.  If you’re interested in getting one for yourself or as a gift, click on the image to get the specifics.

Thank you so much for sharing my love for all things crafty, but especially card making, which is my first love.  But the laser machine is high up there too! LOL



I’ll Tumble for You!

I have a love for all things craft related and that means more than just hand-crafted greeting cards. Especially vinyl, heat vinyl, t-shirts, and I’ve dabbled with painting wood, but I’ll show you that later.  I’m still trying to perfect my painting skills (LOL).  These two tumblers were made as a gift for two family members, sisters.  One of them is a diesel mechanic and when her dad tells his friends his daughter is a diesel mechanic he beams a great proud smile and says, “She’s my little grease monkey!”  

The other daughter loves all things Japanese, so much so that she minored in Japanese in college!  Her senior year in college she ventured on a two-week vacation to Japan with a friend.  When she returned home she told stories of how the wonderful people of Japan repeatedly asked one question, “Where did you learn Japanese? You speak it so well!” 

If you want to make something with these two designs here you go!  Select desired file: Grease Monkey Evolution (PNG, SVG), Japanese Girl Drinking Tea (PNG, SVG).


Negative Vinyl Image

Vinyl Image

For Christmas I put my handy-dandy vinyl skills to work and made tons of hot/cold drinking tumblers for family & friends with their favorite drinks and logos.  Then a few days after Christmas I watched a YouTube video on How to create a negative image to cut from vinyl and boom, I used that technique to cut a scrap piece of black vinyl of Bob Marley.  It’s not perfect, but with practice I know I’ll improve my skills.

Tumbler Vinyl

I also couldn’t hold off on showing you my very own custom tumbler that I made (also with my Silhouette).  I just can’t stop making them….ugh-lol!  There isn’t enough time in the day to make all I want to experiment with….LOL.  Although I officially start my Hawaiian vacation tonight, I’m seeking ideas of what other designs I can make for tumblers.  I’m addicted to crafting….LOL…but then again, so are you if you’re reading this. HA!


  • Try New Things.  Although I try new craft techniques and products, I will never leave Stampin’ Up!  With my negative vinyl image I used Stampin’ Up! cardstock for the layers.  No other paper adds up to the quality of our cardstock.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.  To get good at your craft one has to continue to practice as often as possible.

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