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You Are Charged…

Ben Sheriff

Every little boy I know wants to become a super hero. Everything from Batman to Ironman.

But the little boys in my (extended) family want to be a Sheriff, just like their daddy.

Well, you can Deputize them and make them feel like they are the real thing!

The six point star will certainly bring a little bit of reality in their little lives.

Let their imagination run wild as they hoop and holler looking for the bad guys.

Heck a pair of plastic handcuffs can even finish off their fantasy.

Believable Badge: Gold Colored Rhinestones

Or you can make them silver, just don’t forget to write or stamp in their name. You’re not a Deputy Sheriff until your name is etched into the badge.

Make an extra badge so they can wear it proudly as they go around arresting the family dog, cat, or little sister/brother.

The most lovable smile you will have on your face will be when you are watching your son, grandson, nephew, Godson, etc. wear his badge proudly.

Boy Child Deputy

With Not Having This Stamp Set

Not having the Yee-Haw Photopolymer Stamp Set? Don’t let your favorite little guy arrest you.

LOL It is one of the most versatile stamp sets and it works for not just your favorite little boy, but your cowboy or cowgirl fans as well.

Can’t think of what design to use with the stamp set? Grab the E-book I sent you as a subscriber to come up with a sweet simple design.

You’re not a subscriber? Well, then subscribe right now and instantly receive the E-book. Stop doing the research and let me do it for you.

Grab Your FREE E-book–enter your email address below: 

Yee Haw SheriffProducts Used: 

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Sharing My Veteran’s Day with You!

Verteran's DayAs a veteran I receive the benefit of tax-free shopping at the Base Exchange. Today I extend my benefit to you! Any purchase you make will be tax-free!

I gave it great thought to doing this for you because YOU have supported me for the last three years.

Therefore, every order today on Veteran’s Day, YOU will receive the benefit of not paying tax!

It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for following my blog. Even if you don’t follow it ‘yet’, you came by just to check me out and I am thankful.

It’s also another great advantage today if you want something from the Weekly Deals.

This deal is for anything from any of our current catalogs.

It’s Tuesday: Take Advantage of the Weekly Deals

Today can’t get any better for you! You get the weekly deals TAX-FREE too! Click here to see the weekly deals.

Once you submit your order to me directly, I will send you an invoice, and after your payment is received I’ll submit your order.

If you think this offer is awesome, you can also take advantage of Saturday’s deal! Keep reading…

Many Merry Stars: Gives You My Petite Chanel Purse!

If you missed my post from Saturday, then this is your chance to get it now, but this time TAX-FREE. Woot Woot! Get your stars on baby!

Many Merry Stars

I also gave the other side a completely different look. The kit is so darn awesome.

Take a look at the original post here.

Many Merry Stars

Ordering Instructions

Tax-Free Offer Only Good Through Today!

1. Email me your order (
2. I’ll send you PayPal invoice.
3. Once paid, I’ll submit your order.

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Many Merry Stars & Added Bonus!

Many Merry6Many Merry3Today I’m going to SAVE you time in the future. What!? Yes, that’s right. I can save you time and I’m going to tell you how below.

But first let me tell you that I have an added bonus that I know you’re going to love!

Who doesn’t love cute famous icon? Go on, keep reading.

Free Time: Rare and Precious!

Two years ago Karen Salmansohn wrote that we should probably rename “free time” as “priceless time” because, sure, yes, it is free — but more so, it is rare and precious!

I’m here to tell you that at tonight’s craft class I saved my guests time that they’ll get back in the future. I know I know, you’ve already asked me twice, “how can that be!?”

Here’s how…

Kits: Do It Yourself Miracles

No, these are NOT two separate 3-D box star ornaments (watch the video below and you will see what I did). At least that’s what I’m going to use them for. This year my goal was to give my friends ornaments as gifts for their trees, something that will remind them of our friendship.

Since I’m crazy for paper crafts, this Many Merry Star kit is my go to kit. Great thing about it? I only need ONE! Well, unless you have 25 friends whom you want to gift one to.

I’ve gone one step ahead of you… click HERE to see more ways to use the kit.

Many Merry2

Many Merry5

Added Bonus: You Ready for This!?

Who doesn’t like FREE! View video right now to hear about the added bonus EVERYONE will receive when they take advantage of this FUN kit. Here’s a bonus to the bonus… purchase the kit after viewing the video (all 30 seconds of it) TODAY (which means right now) and get THREE bonus gifts!

Leave a comment below and tell what traditional things do you make for your family/friends each year?

Many Merry4Many Merry1

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Why Make Monogrammed Notecards

Monogram Note Card

Today’s post is in collaboration with Createyou86 and much like paper-crafting we have my favorite thing in common… the love for creativity.

First things first, if you believe the hype when people say, “I can’t draw to save my life!” then this post is not for you.

The ability to hand draw objects or people is not creativity!

Do you agree with me? It doesn’t matter below is the definition.

A Creative Idea: What It Means

Creativity is the act of making something new and different to YOU. It is an idea, a poem, or even a handmade card, such as a notecard.

To put something together on a piece of paper and call it a notecard is creativity and it is like beauty… seen in the eye of the beholder.

Creativity Is No Secret: It’s Easier to Find Than You Think

Look at the simple, yet classy notecard (and envelope). I got the idea from a sketch I came across over a year ago on the internet. It’s become my “go to notecard” ever since.

Note Card

I always use an ‘M’ to represent my name and now its become my personal symbol. I send it to past, present and future networking contacts. Sending a few written words about a conversation, meeting, or future endeavor will make you stand out. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll be very surprised.

When I first began making note cards, I used a stencil for the ‘M’, but have not graduated to using a die-cut. A rubber stamp works well too. The possibilities are endless.

I made the lines around the card with a simple ruler and black pen to add emphasis to the “M”. You can see another more detailed note card here.

There’s a way for you to learn creativity!

Save time spent on the internet searching for ideas, I’ve put together a FREE e-book that comes with enough layouts for cards or scrapbook layouts. Download your e-book by signing up to receive my blog updates here

If you already make and send notecards, please leave a comment below and share who you send them to and why?

Note Cards

Product Used to Make Card:

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This Made Me So Happy…

This excites me because my all time favorite time of year is from Thanksgiving on through the end of December. I’m going to order two sets of this awesome kit…one for me and the other as a gift. I can’t wait to deliver it!

It’s only while supplies last, so order yours now! I’ve made it easy for you too and listed all the items below… or you can purchase with one click HERE and let me order it for you for $56 (tax & shipping already included). I will do the one click offer only until Thursday and will also send you a FREE pack of rhinestones.

OR purchase items individually below.


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